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It’s true – Iowa Girl Eats has moved to a new home:



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Hey guys! How was your Monday? Mine actually went really well. I used tip #3 from this morning and went on a 35 minute walk during lunch today! Not a run, but still movement, which means I’m happy 🙂 Plus, I feel like I’m so much more productive in the afternoons when I get out and about during lunch. I’m refreshed, my head is clear and I have time to prioritize and plan the rest of my day while I’m out walking!

I came home pretty hungry so while I fixed dinner, I snacked on these crunchy loves:


These chips are hysterical. They are the crispiest chips I’ve ever eaten which makes them SO fun to just chomp on as loud as you can (in the comfort of your own home, of course…nothing worse than a loud chip chomper!) Ben got semi irritated with me last night because I was crunching them so loud, but I couldn’t help it – it was too much fun! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway so you can crunch and laugh your way through your own variety pack. 🙂

Dinner was planned to use up some of the vegetable stock pile I have going on in my fridge. I made my Fresh Vegetable & Thyme Frittata.


Star of said frittata was this GIANT yellow squash. This is HALF of the squash… Why/how do these things grow so big?! I cut this guy in half, cut each half into quarters and then cut each quarter into thirds…phew! I used 1/3 of a quarter for the frittata. Got that?? 😀


The frittata was made the exact same way as last time but I didn’t have any leftover pasta, so I boiled 1/3 cup of acini de peppe pasta and when it had  about two minutes left, I tossed in the vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes to cook/hydrate.


I also topped my frittata with cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella this time around. Mmmm…the smell of this under the broiler was unbelievable!


Perfectly melted and ready to cut.


I’m telling you – if you’ve never tried pasta in a frittata – you’ve got to ASAP! It’s so chewy and hearty. Love it!


The sundried tomatoes are absolutely necessary too. They give such a nice PoP of sweet flavor.


I had this x2. Love, love, love this meal! No oil, no extra fats – perfect. Period.


I have some more blog stuff to work on tonight so I’m skidaddling. Don’t forget to enter the Food Should Taste Good Giveaway – you have up to three ways to enter until Wednesday @ 1:00pm Central! Do it!


What’s your favorite ways to eat your veggies? In pastas, raw, with dip, on salads?

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Anyone need any spinach?


Seriously, Costco makes me smile so wide. I stopped by after work tonight and picked this bag up – which is bigger than my torso in case you were wondering – for $3.97!! A regular sized bag at my grocery store is $2.99! Who do they think they are?! I see copious amounts of salads, Green Monsters and general good health in my future. I love spinach! 

After my Costco run, I came home to start dinner. We’re back on the 101 Simple Salad Challenge, my friends! Tonight: #89: Asian Peanut & Mango Noodles.


The recipe calls for rice noodles, but fettuccini was $.99 at the store this weekend and you know my bargain warrior ways…


I cooked up some of the pasta and threw in some chopped up broccoli crowns when it had about 2 minutes left. Meanwhile, I chopped up some zesty toppings which included: Mango, Carrot Matchsticks, Green Onions & Peanuts.


After draining my pasta and broccoli, I drizzled on my sauce – which was made up of:

  • Juice from half a lime
  • Spoonful of almond butter (this was hard to part with)
  • Dash of rice vinegar
  • Spoonful of chili sauce
  • Dash of sesame oil

After tossing the pasta to coat, I added all of my glorious toppings…


Ohmylanta – the mixture of textures and flavors in this dish were spectacular! It came together so quickly and was SO satisfying. How on earth could it not be though? It’s got mango in it! Mango is culinary gold in my opinion 🙂 Asian Peanut & Mango Noodles gets two thumbs up from this girl!!


Oh you guys, check out these cookies I made last night: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies – aka Puppy Chow Cookies!!


Trust me, they are every bit as delectable as they look!


It’s a peanut butter cookie, coated in a chocolate-peanut butter coating, then rolled in powdered sugar. Aka: naughty, coated in naughtier, rolled in naughtiest! Sinful…muwahahaha!


The recipe calls for a cookie mix – which the inner scratch-baker in me died a little after using – but I quickly got over it…these are amazing!!


Well, I’ve actually got MORE cookies in my future – I’m working on another cookie order tonight! Have a great night everyone!


Do you prefer cooking or baking?

I’ve mentioned before that I actually got into cooking after baking my brains out for several years, so baking definitely has a special place in my heart. But, I obviously love cooking too…mmmm too hard – not even going to answer my own question 🙂

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Hey everybody! How’d your Thursday go? Good? Great 🙂

Tonight I took a break from the 101 Simple Salad Challenge (I know, I’m upset too) and took the uber easy route. I swung by Costco after work (UGHHHHH, love that place so muuuuch) and picked up a fresh rotisserie chicken to play starring role in tonight’s dinner.


Isn’t she a beaut?


I just adore Costco’s rotisserie chicken. First of all they are huge, second of all they are $4.99, third of all they are one of the tastiest things ever and fourth of all you can use them in so many different ways! Including, but not limited to:

  • As-is
  • Cubed and tossed into salads
  • Shredded and mixed into soups
  • Chopped and added into casseroles

I just love any food that boasts that kind of versatility, don’t you?

Tonight I ate a thigh and wing with the skin ON – GASP! In my opinion, if you’re going to eat rotisserie chicken, you just have to. It’s the best part!

IMG_6335 IMG_6345

Now I am NOT a picky eater in any way shape or form (except for cooked carrots and bell peppers,) so in general I like 99% of the things I eat. But when I have something that I really love – I mean REALLY love – I tend to yell out loud:

I FREAKING LOVE (fill in the blank).

I definitely yelled that tonight. Rotisserie chicken is…so…good.


I also tend to shout that about garlic bread, Australian licorice and Yoshinoya Beef Bowls. 😀

To go along with my chicken, I made a big pot of brown rice simmered in chicken broth and the strained juices from the rotisserie container. O..m..g… It tasted like one of those Lipton Rice Sides that come in a pouch, except this was minus all the salt and preservatives!


I rounded out the meal with some freshly steamed green beans from my Mom’s friend’s garden. Holy cow, these were incredible!


Garden fresh is always besht. 😉


No seasoning needed on these puppies. The natural flavor was just perfect.


So the plan for tonight is to go listen to my brother preach at his Thursday night service – which, hey guess what? You can too! Just go here to listen live at 7:27pm central time 😀

Have a GREAT night everyone!


What do you FREAKING love?

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Before I announce the winners – I’d like to re-state the fact that you can buy an entire box of PURE Bars for 30% off and receive FREE shipping if you go here and enter the code: PURESUMMER. Ok – here we go!

The 4 Grand Prize Winners of:

  1. PURE Bar T-shirt
  2. Re-usable, nylon shopping bag with handles
  3. All 6 flavors of PURE Bars



Sue: i would love to try the cherry cashew flavor!

Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian): CHERRY CASHEW sounds amazin! i’ve never tried any of them…so woowoo for this giveaway!

Maggie: Mmmmm….they all sound delicious but I would most like to try the Chocolate Brownie! I’m such a sucker for things that seem unhealthy but really aren’t!

Alicia: The chocolate brownie, naturally! I love that something so yummy can be so good for you!


The 3 Winners who get to choose 4 different flavors of bars to receive



Abby: I have not found the bars yet to get some, but I would LOVE to try the CranberryOrange flavor! I love cranberry orange muffins.

jesstyler: I blogged about it! Here’s the link: http://outsidethekitchen.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/two-sweet-giveaways/

Calee: wow! what an awesome giveaway! I’d love to try the chocolate brownie (of course) and the apple cinnamon. 😀

Congrats to all the winners!

Go ahead and send me your snail-mail address at: IowaGirlEats@Hotmail.com.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Iowa Girl Eats and The PURE Bar appreciate it!

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***The PURE Bar Giveaway is now closed!***

Good morning everyone! I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it to be. Mine definitely was, because it started out by coming home to a big package on my doorstep Friday afternoon. What were the contents of this alleged package? PURE BAR STUFF!

It’s true – the folks at PURE Bar contacted me awhile ago and asked how I thought the readers of Iowa Girl Eats would feel about getting some free PURE Bar goodies. Well, knowing how you guys responded to the last PURE Bar giveaway, I figured you’d LOVE it!

What we’ve got is 7 different packages to win.

4 Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  1. PURE Bar T-shirt. This shirt is extremely soft, thicker than your average T-shirt AND it’s actually cute. Wear in public cute!
  2. Re-usable, nylon shopping bag with handles. This bag is ALSO super cute, but manly too (in case you dudes want to enter…which you should!) It’s a dark brown, LARGE bag, that is perfect for grocery shopping, or even toting around everyday stuff!
  3. All 6 flavors of PURE Bars. CranberryOrange, Wild Blueberry, ChocChip Trailmix, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Brownie and Cherry Cashew. I have personally tried every one of these flavors so I can attest to how delicious and mouth-watering they ALL are! PLUS – check out these credentials:


You will love these bars!




Front of the T-shirt:


Back of the T-shirt:


All-together now!


See? Cute shirt right? Men, I’m sure a lady in your life would love to have something like this!

IMG_6033  IMG_6026

3 additional winners will get the chance to choose 4 different PURE Bars of their choice!


AWESOME right?! Thanks PURE Bar!

Ok, maybe you’re wondering how you can win one of these fabulous prize packages? You have up to two ways to win:

1. Leave me a comment telling me which flavor of PURE Bar you’d most like to try and/or is your favorite.

2. If you have your own blog, mention this giveaway in a post and leave me a second comment letting me know that you’ve done so.

You have until 10:00pm central on Wednesday, August 5th to enter. This contest is open to US residents only. On Thursday afternoon, I will announce the 7 winners!

Good luck to everyone! 😀

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