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Cafe Su Me

Good morning everyone!

Last night Ben and I went to dinner at one of the best little restaurants in town: Cafe Su.



I always forget that it’s here and that makes me sad because this place is incredible! It’s a Chinese cafe with funky decor that plays music like Norah Jones. Totally random, eclectic, unique and you really feel like you’re having an “experience” while dining here.



There were pink roses on every table and on the windowsills. Very sweet 🙂



We started with what may be my favorite item on Cafe Su’s menu: Crab Rangoon. These rangoons are the size of my hand, pillowy soft, and bursting with savory crab filling. Heavenly!


For my main dish, I ordered a Vegetarian Garlic Stir-Fry.


Broccoli, water chestnuts, onions, bamboo shoots, snap peas, baby corn, zucchini and mushrooms in a garlic sauce. They even let me sub out the carrots & celery (I hate cooked carrots & celery) for more broccoli. Score!


Umm I could have drank this sauce in a glass – it was SO good!! Perfectly light and the garlic wasn’t too overwhelming – it was exactly what I was looking for. Cafe Su knocked it out of the park with this dish!


Served with some fluffy rice.


And how can you not love a restaurant that not only gives you fortune cookies at the end – but gives you chocolate covered fortune cookies at the end?! These tasted like Kit Kat bars and were key.


His & Hers fortunes 🙂


As I mentioned, we were going to go hit up Inglorious Bastards after dinner, but Ben wasn’t really in the mood for a movie, so we came home and watched the Vikings play. Now, I moved to Minneapolis right when the whole “boat” incident happened, so I didn’t get the best first impression of that team, if you know what I mean… Either way it was fun to hang out with the husband. We had a great night!

This morning I woke up pretty hungry, actually! I popped some bread in the toaster, smeared it with some almond butter & sugar-free raspberry jam, cut up a peach and called it breakfast.



I am getting down to the bottom of my Trader Joe’s Almond Butter and am slightly freaking out…

IMG_7334 IMG_7337

IMG_7338 IMG_7340

The rest of today’s agenda includes:

  • Post office run
  • Maybe grocery store run
  • Maybe cleaning? (didn’t get to it yesterday…)
  • Hit up neighbor’s garage sale

I’m off to seize the day – have a great one yourself!


What’s your favorite Chinese food dish?


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