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Saturday:   Iowa State Fair Day!
Sunday:   I had hands down, one of the best desserts ever…
Monday:   101 Greatest Running Tips made its debut and I made a light, Vegetable Frittata.
Tuesday:   It was Mediterranean night at la casa de IGE!
Wednesday:   I had dessert for breakfast and a Tuna Salad Sandwich that squashes the stereotypes.
Thursday:   Three Question Thursday and Chocolate Banana Bread with Almond Butter continues to cause trouble.
Friday:   Oats are back!


So the people at PURE Bar are spreading the word about their faaaaab products on a Summer of PURE Love Tour! Among other things, they are driving a sweet, tie-dyed van around Cali, handing out free PURE Bars and displaying some wicked dance moves. Check out their schedule to see if they’ll be in your area and sneak a peek at what they’re up to:


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In Case You Missed It…

Sunday:   Battista’s cappuccino made an at-home appearance and I satisfied my wallet, soul & stomach!
Monday:   I kicked off the 101 Simple Salad Challenge!
Tuesday:   A day of delicious duos and dippers.
Wednesday:   I went rogging and made the best yogurt parfait ever.
Thursday:   I shared my apple slicing secrets and let you know what I FREAKING love!
Friday:   We talked all things awesome.

I have no words for today’s picture…


It’s just too cute!!

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Monday:   Viiiiivaaa Las Vegas day one re-cap.
Tuesday:   Viva Las Vegas day two and day three re-cap!
Wednesday:   I got back into the real world groove after being on vacay!
Thursday:   I made the creamiest, milk-shakiest Green Monster to-date and got down with a delicious, nostalgic treat!
Friday:   Three Question Thursday made it’s Friday morning debut.

Today’s picture is of Kalalau Valley on the NaPali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii. I picked it because my heart literally leapt in my chest when I saw it – it’s so incredibly beautiful!

The Kalalau Valley is renowned for its natural beauty, is surrounded by cliffs more than 2,000 feet high and is only accessible by a 2x.5 mile region. Amazing!

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Sunday:   Chicago ladies weekend re-cap!
Monday:   Black beluga lentils made their fabulous debut.
Tuesday:   I shared my thoughts on 7 principles of healthy eating and made Drunken Garden Pasta!
Wednesday:   We discussed vitamins and trivia.
Thursday:   Three “Summer” Question Thursday!
Friday:   I had a green monster revelation

This Friday’s picture is of Ben’s favorite animal – a penguin. Aren’t they cute?!


What’s your favorite animal?

I’m going to be super lame and say…dogs. They’re perpetually happy and always excited to see you – what’s not to love?!

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Sunday:   I caught a fish in .5 seconds and cried on my birthday
Monday:   I had a boat load of Triple Berry Whipped Cream and made Greek Turkey Burgers!
Tuesday:   Still need convincing that Green Monsters are the best??
Wednesday:   I had an extremely fruitful morning and had ladies night with my Mom!
Thursday:   I GOT JUICED and made a veggie, foil packet din-din.
Friday:   This girl is hitting the road 🙂

Ok everybody – the randomly drawn winners of the inventor-autographed, BLURT! board games are…



Congrats ladies! Email me at iowagirleats@hotmail.com with your address, and I’ll get your games to you in the mail so you can start having FUN!

To everyone else – thanks for entering and seriously – pick up this game, it is a riot!

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Saturday:   You all helped me pick out a dress for my friend’s wedding!
Sunday:   Gorgeous wedding weekend re-cap.
Monday:   I made fauxmeal for breakfast and our AC finally got fixed!
Tuesday:   Mini heart sugar cookies stole the show!
Wednesday:   I played Iowa’s Next Top Short Model and Ben and I made custom foil packet dinners.
Thursday:   Dutch Letters are explained and I had two PURE bars in one day…they are so good
Friday:   Always feed the need

There’s only a short time left until the Real Simple + PURE Bar Giveaway is closed – don’t miss your chance to win 1 of 6 awesome prize packages. I’ll announce the winners on Monday morning!

And to round out your day:

Incredible Santorini, Greece – I want to go so bad!! I recently filled out a customized, dream Greece vacation itinerary online…I’m waiting for them to send me the price. It’s not going to be pretty…

Oh – if you have some time to kill today – head over AirTreks.com. I literally used to spend HOURS planning out my PERFECT around the world trip!!

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