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Glorious Day

Hey Buuuuudies!

I have had the best day. I got all my errands done, organized my entire office, filed some pictures away and organized ALL of my bills/important docs/receipts, etc. I keep an expanded folder for each year that have slots for categories like:

  • 401k
  • Insurance
  • Receipts
  • Bills
  • Mortgage
  • Important Docs


Up until now my 2008 docs were combined with 2009 docs, and that just wouldn’t do. Today, I finally had the time to separate everything out and gave 2009 its own, green folder. Ahhh, everything is right in the world 🙂 How do you stay organized?


After mission organization was complete I snacked on an Orange:



A ChocChip Trailmix PURE Bar:



This bar has raw cacao nibs in it, which I was totally craving today. The crunch of the nibs remind me of the crunch of hazelnuts…that’s the only way I can describe them! Well, I can describe them as tasty, too 🙂


And some Popcorn! I have not had p-corn in ages…it is so delish!



Oooo look what I got at the store today – facial cleansing cloths!


Fun fact about me: I absolutely hate washing my face. I seriously don’t know how to do it without getting water all over the bathroom and it’s just a mess and not fun. Therefore, if I don’t shower after working out in the afternoon, more often than not I don’t wash my face at night. I know. Trust me, I know.

Anyways, I’m SO excited to use these!! I almost tried one out when I got home, then decided that having to re-apply my makeup would not be so fun. Tonight though for sure!

Speaking of, I think Ben and I are going to do a dinner + movie date night tonight. Movie = Inglorious Bastards. I have not been this excited to see a movie in AGES. I love Brad Pitt when he’s playing slightly “off” characters and BJ Novak is hysterical. Plus Quentin Tarantino (the director) is one of my absolute faves – Kill Bill I & II are my favorite movies! Should be a good night!!


1. What are you doing tonight?

2. What kind of face wash & lotion do you use?

I use Oil of Olay face wash and Neutrogena Sensitive Skin lotion. Love ‘em both 🙂


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